Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Sickness Will End

This has been one of the most elusive records (another one right?) that I have sought in recent times. Although the search was not as lengthy as that for the Caliban EP (or as costly) I finally managed to acquire but I finally managed to acquire a copy and am delighted to post it and more importantly, share it here. When the package containing the CD arrived I was consumed with excitement (lucky me, the package also featured other rarities such as the first Soulstice 7 inch, the Prevail 7 inch and the first Aftershock CD ahhhhhhhhh). So after gleefully ripping through the parcel I was bound to be confronted with that queasy, unwelcome feeling in the stomach known as disappointment.

But why? Especially as the CD hadn't even been played yet.

Firstly it was in a cardboard sleeve, now I cannot stress this enough but I detest, actually, I loathe cardboard sleeves. Secondly, upon scanning the track list I immediately noted that two of the songs I'd already heard (these being from the decidedly more metallic and heavier full length 'Deeper Than Blood' which followed). Upon regaining my composure from these unexpected (read unwanted) surprises, I deemed it best to play it, to see if it would be ending up on eBay at the moment.

From the first riff, this thought vanished and a smile returned to my face, thinking 'why did I question that the music would be anticlimactic?', and thus, since its day of arrival, 'The Sickness Must End,' has been glued to my CD player, itunes etc. This EP was typical of the mid 90s xLifesentencex output, i.e. heavy handed hardcore, with a healthy presence of hefty metallic crunch and song writing that was utterly infectious and became lodged within the grey matter instantly.

So, see what you think, -xClearx - Acetone - xClearx - Fuel - xClearx - Falling Into Ashes - xClearx - Lust - xClearx - Fire Walk With Me

Sadly I know very little of this band and what became of them, I did hear that they recently played a reunion show this year but whether they will reform is unknown. What I do know is that the aforementioned full length that preceded this EP was released on Stillborn records. The two songs here present on that release were 'Falling Into Ashes,' and 'Fire Walk With Me.' Again as mentioned above 'Deeper Than Blood,' was far heavier, strapped with far more vicious riffs and vocals and was overall injected with an unhealthy metallic dosage thus pushing it quite far away from the foundations laid down here.

However, like this EP, 'Deeper Than Blood,' is very elusive and a chore to find, so unfortunately I have to resort to recommending that you watch, but if your in Europe, or if you don't mind paying a little for it (if your Stateside), then you can try this

But I warn you, this Belgian distro sometimes lists items that they don't have, or that they sell before fulfilling your order, 80% of the time they are reliable and are very friendly but seeing as its a two man operation, I can see how an order can get neglected, so perhaps it would be best to contact them in advance before putting that order in.

The only other alternative I can offer in finding the full length or the EP is to track down Dan Gump, the owner of xLifesentencex, the problem is that the label site has been down for some time, so maybe you could stalk him out on myspace (if your really that desperate...).


Anonymous said...

Really good stuff there. Kind of reminds me of XConfineX a little. Heard of them? Good stuff out of Canada. The Beginning of the End I recommend very much.


xbenx said...

Yes!!! I love xConfinex and I have their CD ;) Thanxxx for the comment, more to come, got some real good VSE metal lined up for tomorrow!!!

Nick said...

Incredible - xbenx you have managed to post several albums that I have wanted to hear for a long time! Thanks again. This is great stuff. I used to have a xConfinex album, but unfortunately lost it somewhere along the line...