Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Undoing the ruin...

OK. Don't click away until you've at least read the opening paragraph. I know, I know, Diecast are a little bit…how to put it gently??? Poppy, fluffy, cute, generic…?? Maybe a combination of all of those, but that's Diecast today, this is their first release, the very first release, with the complete original line up, when it was most important to create complete destruction. Now, despite those derogatory comments above I will confess that I own 2 Diecast albums post 'Undo,' and enjoy them, but I know they aren't great records and if you came to my house, I'd probably hide them, but this beast, no fuckin way.

Together with the musical shift that the band has endured since this EP has duly affected their overall composition. Granted that there isn't a single original member left one may indeed ask why they continue under the moniker. Regardless, I'm rambling here and rapidly digressing from the point, being that as their music changed, so did that all around them as they have gone from touring with All Out War, Dying Fetus etc to Sevendust.

Quite a paradigmatic shift if I don't say so, so see what you think, - Diecast - Undo The Wicked

Now for some reason, I thought this had been reissued with their record 'Tearing Down Your Blue Skies,' but from browsing on Amazon, this doesn't appear to be the case.

So, there are copies of it at Amazon here

But the price is ridiculous, unless you're in Europe (or the UK) then it's not too bad, if you want a cheaper copy, then watch


Anonymous said...

I was into (old) Diecast always, but i almost puked when i heard the new cd, that's just plain wrong. Anyways these old tunes are worth listening.

Anonymous said...

This beast - well said. I agree!