Sunday, August 19, 2007

A confession

I've been putting this off. Everyday I think, must update the blog, and everyday I let myself down, and I feel terrible for doing so, what's more, I had made a pact with myself to keep it updated daily when I got back from holiday...Fuckin' rubbish, that's the only words that can describe this situation, but the truth is, its such a struggle for me to fit this in and do it properly. Since coming back from holiday, work has been much tougher, they are loading me up with more stuff and I am having to learn more all the time, which is great but what it means is that when I get home, my brain is fried.

Furthermore I am now playing football on a Monday night, go out on Thursday nights to see the family and then weekends...well, they disappear in a flash. What's more annoying is that I had a ton of stuff ready to go up, but sendspace has been annoying the shite out of me by crashing or deleting the files and to be honest, when I get home from work, I do not want to sit in front of the PC for an hour and a bit, uploading this shit for the site to crash out and mean I have to start all over again.

So enough with the excuses, what's the future??

Well, I don't know. I am going to Japan on Tuesday for the Bloodaxe fest which I can't wait for, so I think I will do a similar feature as to what I did for Pressure Fest. After that, I really think I may stop, for one thing, I hate the look out of this site, I am useless with design, know absolute sweet FA when it comes to coding html and other tech stuff and also, my membership with sendspace is up in a bout 15 days, and seeing as I haven't duly used it during the last 3 months, I won't be renewing it, so download everything you want ASAP.

I always wanted to do this, but this technical frustrations have proved to really bring it down, like I said, I hate the look of this page, its clunky, drab and just downright dry to look at.

Before the sendspace membership expires I will upload a few more things but that won't be until at least the 30th, so until then...


Anonymous said...


glad to finally read you again !

i disagree on many of the things you are saying in this post.

you are providing an invaluable service to your peers and those younger than you by doing what you are doing. it may well be your most essential contribution to the 'scene'.

we all have to do our part, as we both now, and you are doing an excellent job. nobody cares about flashy graphics - we want to read the facts, your interpretations and hear some music here and there.

don't leave now. not after all this. you are building a quasi encyclopedia (or at least part thereof) of 90's hardcore.

your work and contributions are mighty valuable. much more than you think. don't let the lack of feedback grind you down. 99% of peeps on the internet are lurkers.

do your bit. carry your load. this is your time to shine. we are counting on you.

Ed Goodlife.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have discovered half of this stuff on my own very well had it not been for checking this mp3 blog. You and Andrew at Aversion are like the two best sources for very good overlooked material. Keep up the good work man.

Anonymous said...

Head up Ben!!!