Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Declaration Of War

In the midst of the vegan straightedge explosion during the mid 90s in its focal point, Syracuse, came this gem. 4 tracks, no more then 15 minutes (if that) of material but Green Rage cemented themselves as one of the most kvlt (bring it on you black metal bitches) straight edge bands from the 90s. For about the last 2 years I've been dying too hear this, so when I went to Japan last year and stayed with my crazy Japanese hardcore collector friends, one of the first things I asked to burn was this. However, there's nothing like having the real thing in your own collection and I managed to score a copy of this from an auction held by , last year.
But that isn't really telling you how this record sounds? Well, for the record's all to brief duration it has one premise to chug, then chug again, and finally chug some more, that's it, nowt more, nowt less, but the sheer ferocity (especially with those vocals) and burning passion that drives this songs along draws you in so strongly that the lack of variation becomes insignificant, its just about pure rage.
Since acquiring this, I have actually seen quite a few copies floating around on the Internet, obviously would be the best place to keep an eye out for it. Green Rage - Declaration Green Rage - Sea Of Blood Green Rage - Disinfect Green Rage - Existance
On a side note, an almost romantic (if possible) memory I have of this record was when I was discussing it with Monster (vegan sXe overlord who has been a part of Purification/Dehumanize/Opposite Force and now Doomsday), "awwwwwww, si, si, quel disco assomiglo' completamente Firestorm di Earth Crisis!!' and then he hammered out that opening riff of 'Declaration,' upon the steering wheel as we drove through the Roman night.


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this! I heard this years ago, but never managed to get a copy. Awesome stuff!

XhcnoirX said...

Classic record, I have 3 copies of it, all with different covers, haha, still missing at least one other cover... Nothing like '90s metallic vsxe!!

Anonymous said...

This *is* kvlt as fuck! I used to have several copies of this too, you could easily get it for like $1 because it was mostly regarded as awful haha... which it IS, but in a great way!