Monday, February 19, 2007

Digging your grave

It's funny how bands change, be it in a respectful manner or to merely cash in on a record buying public who will consume and listen to any old shite. But what's even more amusing is how some of us will stay with a band through thick and then, defending them, naively believing that the next record will be better, a return to the roots, while the others or the realists as I like to call them flee screaming blasphemed remarks and uttering sworn vows to relinquish any association with said band and never ever listen to them again. A few times during my life I have threatened to do so, particularly with the likes of 18 Visions and Caliban who have pushed my patience and granted I hate their newer material and can't stomach seeing them live, but, I do continue to say I like the bands and play their old records regularly and have not sold them for a pittance in a record store or on ebay.

Where am I going with this?

Well I remember quite a few of the London hardcore heads turning quite severely on Belgium's Crawlspace when they released their full length 'Enter The Realm Of Chaos,' via Goodlife (although it was on the subsidiary Final Beatdown and then Soulreaper), declaring that the record was too metal and bad metal at that. Personally, I loved that record, and I would agree with what Ed Goodlife said to me back in 2001, that being it was an update of the Bulldoze style, be it with a hefty injection of primal death metal (very much though the more direct death metal, trust, Crawlspace didnt turn into Nile or Suffocation in terms of their technicality).

Regardless, before the backlash came against the full length, Crawlspace were regarded as one of the premier tuff European bands, and even today, this EP is still heralded as a classic amongst underground heads, so see what you think, - Crawlspace - The Chapter - Crawlspace - Digging The Grave - Crawlspace - Creation Of Hate - Crawlspace - Way Out - Crawlspace - Hypocrite Bastard - Crawlspace - Don't Ged Mad....Get Even!!!!

Whereas the full length is still readily avaliable from the label , but this EP...damn, sorry peeps, its another hard one to find, so watch


Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

FUCK YES! You keep killing me with these goods, dude. I have the full-length and have no problem with it, but had never been able to hear this EP before now. Awesome. A damn shame this shit's so rare.

This shit's waaay more metal than Bulldoze, too, so I don't see why so many people thought the full-length was "too metal"!? I guess 'cause it was more death metal, as opposed to the "beatdown" style mixed with these All Out War sounding riffs!?

Anonymous said...

In between their full length 'Enter the Realm of Chaos' and their EP 'Don't get mad...get even' they released a split with Full Court Press entitled 'The Art of Warfare'. It sees Crawlspace going for a more energetic, fast, furious beatdown approach sans all the death metal attached. It was the second release of Gangstyle records out of Holland, now called GSR Music, u can still get the split from them. Also some of FCP's best work on there. I can however send u copy if you'd like that, just hit me up on soulseek 'thuisco' or post some way to contact u here. U both gotta hear 'those' songs :)

xbenx said...

Tim, I do have that split, and it is awesome, I was planning on featuring it here at some point, so we'll see what happens!! What I'm interested to know is if anyone has the 2 song promo that Crawlspace made avaliable in 2002, when they were moving towards their total death metal incarnation.

Edward said...


I don't think i can find that Crawlspace promo anywhere, but
i do have a sealed copy of the
Full Court Press 3-track single
from that same time, the one
that saw them going all the way
into E-town land.


Nick said...

Yes!!! This is great stuff - I have the full-length but have never heard this one. Absolutely killer! As you said, awesome combination of tough-guy and death metal - no one has done this better. I would be very interested to hear the split with Full Court Press - that's another album that slipped through the cracks for me. There is some fantastic gems on this site - thanks!

XemonerdX said...

I have an old Crawlspace live-demo tape from '98 where they play pretty much straight up NYHC, from before they started doing the beatdown stuff. After their Enter... full-length they quit/changed the bandname to Hordes Of Devastation and now they are a full-on deathmetal band, They did a Crawlspace reunion-show a few weeks ago for the final shwo of Born From Pain with Che, BFP's now-old singer.

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