Friday, April 27, 2007

Missing Files

For some reason sendspace deletes files, god knows why but if any do go missing just mail me and I will put them back up, I found that The Ten Commandments and The Fortress songs were missing today, so they are now back up.


christbutcher said...

you should use something like megaupload or rapidshare. files stay up for longer. i think sendspace deletes after a week of no one dowloading.

Anonymous said...

No megaupload, only rapidshare.

xbenx said...

Guys, thanks for the info, I paid sendspace for 3 month use and that expires in a month, so I am going to look into those 2 and then probably switch over!!

Anonymous said...

the key would be to not upload seperate tracks, but to use a program to zip up a folder.

if you are a pc you can use winzip or some such

if you are on a back you just create an archive.

then rapidshare becomes pretty useful.

Anonymous said...

My beef with megaupload is that it has some bullshit limits for every country. Whenever I try to download something it says I can't because the limit for Poland is full. Always.