Monday, June 11, 2007

Step Up...

From the deepest depths of New York's underground comes this long standing hardcore unit, who are easily one of the best bands that that immortal music capital has given birth too. Taking all elements of what makes NYHC so good and so addictive, Everybody Gets Hurt conjured a dark, confrontational and mercilessly tough record that should be on a hardcore label of reasonable standing, if only to keep this masterpiece in print. EGH first came into my sphere of consciousness on the European tour in 2002 and garnered a reputation amongst the hardcore heads as one of the best bands to come forth in a very long time.

Now trust, despite the artwork (which is actually quite awesome, but doesn't quite capture the genuine feel of the music), this record epitomizes that over referenced (but always true) cliche of not judging a book by its cover. Regardless, this shit moves, I mean we are talking nearly 50 minutes of pure, unrestrained New York hardcore with no breaks, no respite and constant quality. The material is bolstered by a seriously good production, amazing considering that the record was self funded. - Everybody Gets Hurt - Weightless - Everybody Gets Hurt - Hymn Of The Fallen - Everybody Gets Hurt - The Dark Seeds Of Man

EGH are still around, keeping active but not releasing much in the way of new material. They have been back to Europe twice, playing Ninja Fest in 2004 (actually that was their sole euro appearance that year, and this was the same edition as that infamous Six Ft Ditch show) and then back again in 2005 for a more extensive sojourn. They debuted some new songs at Ninja Fest and then released a split with Settle The Score and TJ Maxx and the material from that split featured the a second vocalist who has now left the band. They then released 'Demo Daze,' in 2005, featuring most of this record (be it, in a much rawer form) and some other tracks, that, unlike 'The Dark Seeds Of Man,' is still obtainable, and there are in fact some copies here -, as for this record, watch and keep an eye on


Anonymous said...

Amazing band, one of my favorite NY bands alongside Irate. I've seen The Dark Seeds of Man go pretty high prices on Ebay, and that cd is really hard to find. I've been searching for EGH/Strong Intention -split 7" and their split 7" with Billy Club Sandvich, also as you can imagine, almost too hard to find.

Ed Goodlife said...

Last i heard, Chris, bassplayer and main man in EGH now lives in London.

Tomoko from EGH now plays in HOMICIDE, whose cd will be out any day now.