Sunday, June 03, 2007

You Thought I Was Gone...

In spite of the lifestyle change I plan to keep this going, my new job sees me now as a 'commuter,' and whilst I do hate that dead time travelling (although I do fill it in the best of ways, music & reading) it aint gonna stop the blog.

This was one I have been planning to pull out for a long, long time, so without further delay I present the sole (and absolutely awesome) full length from one of the more obscure metallic hardcore bands from the mid 90s, Excessive Force. Shit, if the name hasn't dropped the penny the opening minutes of 'Those Who Were Will,' no nonsense, no compromise, just straight chug and boisterous attitude for 40 odd minutes.

Damn I love this CD, despite the slightly tinny production it doesn't hamper the power of the delivery (especially the vocals) and its bursting with sumptuous riffs and angry, angry lyrics, and contains one of the greatest opening line's ever,

'You said you'd always be true but you're a weak motherfucker and you never had it in you.'

Merely the beginning, if this shit doesn't get you moving, nuthin will, - Excessive Force - Those Who Were - Excessive Force - Distress - Excessive Force - In Your Blood

I hate reiterating this, but this album is difficult to find, so unfortunately, I have to recommend


Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

I used to have mp3's of this entire album but I must have accidentally deleted them or something. Definitely good stuff. As you said the recording could be better (the vocals especially would've been SICK if they weren't so thin), but the Fury of Five-esque harmonic riffs and backup shouts are awesome, ha, ha!

xyosefx said...

Check out, Felix from Justice Department's distro. I think he still has copies for 10 euros.


xbenx said...

Ah!! At least you have the opp to get it again Andrew ;) Good spot too, there is a big Fury feel coarsing through some of this material, also a bit of Biohazard.

And yes, xYosefx, is right, the mentioned distro are listing copies, get over and grab one!!!

XemonerdX said...

They used to be jokingly nicknamed the sXe Biohazard around here (the Netherlands), but that doesn't really do 'em justice... They were awesome, the full-length is just hard as nails. The 7" doesn't quite reach that level but if you come across a copy, definitely pick it up. Dan Gump's later band, Decontaminate, is also not to be missed!