Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Misery Is My Comfort...

I can't quite recall how I came to know of this band, all I do know is that from whatever I was told it incited an unhealthy urge to track down whatever they had at any cost. Well in the end the price paid wasn't that much, bargains in fact, as this is one of the most underrated and definitely most obscure bands to have ever graced the New York Hardcore scene.

I imagine that the first name that will came into your grey matter upon hearing this tune will be Life Of Agony, and certainly that is understandable as Section 8 sound a hell of a lot like those fellow New Yorkers circa 'River Runs Red.' But I find this material so much darker, so much more hopeless and utterly, utterly negative that even Keith Caputo couldn't match the sheer misery in his most miserable moments.

http://www.sendspace.com/file/ksmg36 - Section 8 - Pain Is Truth

Well if you like this, you're in luck as the place where I got my copy still has some - http://www.verydistro.com/moreinfo.aspx?id=13724


Mike said...

Do you have their full-length because I think they had one. With really good clean production. This band rocks! I don't think it reaches early-Type O Negative or LOA status, but still this is some killer suicide-metal/core band as I like to call this kind of music.

xbenx said...

I was going to post the full length, but I couldn't find it, when I do its going up, its far more advanced and more evil (not to mention more miserable) then this MCD.

What Type O do you recommend?? I was never that into them, especially after seeing 'My girlfriend's girfriend,' as a pup.

Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

I tracked down both Section 8 releases a few years ago 'cause I think I had heard them on a compilation or something and I really liked their track. The discs look like shit (especially the other one, heh) but aren't bad. A lot of people seem to go apeshit over this band, they didn't really hit me that hard, but they've definitely got some curious work that's worth checking out.

Adam d said...

I would recommend Type O Negative's "October Rust" (1996).

That's exactly an album with "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend"! If you do not dig that track check songs such as "Wolf Moon" or "Love You to Death". I think the whole album is splendid.

If you want to try some earlier stuff "The Origin of the Feces" (1992) is brilliant. Track "Hey Pete" kicks arse mighty well!